Gus Diver

General Manager

Our general manager Gus Diver has 22 years of experience in the mobile home industry. He is the 3rd generation of family operated mobile home dealers. Gus’s goal is to provide wonderful customer service and make sure that our customers are happy. He is big on developing lasting relationships with both customers and employees. Gus is very hands on and desires to meet each and every customer at Mustang Homes and Land.

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Julie Davis

Sales Manager

Julie Davis has been with Mustang Homes and Land since 1996. She demonstrates many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent seller such as integrity and in-depth knowledge of the homes offered at Mustang Homes. She believes that providing the best service is essentially about putting the clients first. Julie keeps herself accessible, is a good listener and communicator, and will respond quickly to your needs. Email Julie

Sandy Tiner

Sales Manager

Sandy began her profession selling manufactured homes in 1995. Her vast knowledge on the homes and on customer needs was acquired while selling over the years for various dealerships in NM, TX, and AZ. She is personally committed to working hard with each individual to make their dream of owning a new home a reality. Email Sandy

Ashley Spurgeon

Sales Manager

Ashley started working at Mustang Homes in October 2021. Before coming to Mustang, she had worked in retail. She is fantastic with customers. Our customers love her outgoing personality and willingness to do whatever it takes to get a deal done!
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Kain Kunkel

Sales Manager

Kain started at Mustang Homes and Land in January 2022 and had been working in sales the last couple years before he decided to try manufactured housing. He is hard working and willing to make himself available to customers on their schedule.
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Oscar Power


Oscar Power has been with Mustang Homes and Land since 1969. A graduate from Texas Tech University, and an Army veteran, Oscar served as Company President from 1983 until 2002. He is currently active in both state and national associations associated with Mustang Homes, finding the best financing, best products, and best prices available. Mustang Homes and Land strives to give world-class service!


We have a wonderful selection of Double/Single Wide homes, Redi-Built homes, and Cottages/Park Models available for you.

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